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Apopka is a nice town to live in, and when you are living in a house that has hard water you notice it pretty quickly. In many cases the hard water does not appear overnight. It might start with you experiencing white streak marks on your dishes as you are taking them out of the dishwasher one day. And then it might be a couple of weeks before you see it again. However, this is just the onset of your hard water problem. You will see an increased frequency of hard water affecting your kitchen, and when you do, you should call South Florida Water to have a solution for it.

Our company has made a specialty of creating water softeners that can be customized for different water sources, and this is one of the attractions of using our company. While there are a lot of water softeners on the market and we use a plethora ourselves, there are some situations that call for a more specialized treatment approach to ridding your home of hard water and this is where our water softeners can really prove their worth.


Getting a water softener in Apopka is not a big ask, and in fact there is a company that works locally that can help you with all of your water requirements. South Florida Water does a lot of work from our office in Orlando throughout the greater Orlando, FL area, and that means coming to Apopka on a regular basis when new customers or returning customers need help with their water softeners. So what does a water softener actually do to help our customers live better, and more healthy and convenient lives?

A water softener is a machine or filter installed into the water line directly that, through different processes, depending on the type of water softener you are using, can turn hard water into soft water. Hard water is water that contains heavy mineral content, and usually that is a combination of calcium and magnesium compounds that flow through your water lines. It is these compounds in particular that create the effects of streak marks on your dishes, and rough water in your showers. A water softener through chemical reactions and natural filtration, eliminates these foreign bodies from the water, making it more usable.

Water Softener

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