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If you live in St. Petersburg, FL and you want to buy a water conditioner for your home then you have come to the best place for it. South Florida Water offers water conditioners that can be installed in your home water line with minimal fuss. Additionally, there are some other key facts about water conditioners that you should be aware of living in St. Petersburg. With a water conditioner, you will have crystal, clear, chlorine free water throughout your whole house. The water will be free of minerals, or in the case of a salt free system the minerals will be broken down so that you have optimal water. In St. Petersburg, FL, the city water that runs through your home is full of chemicals including chlorine and chloramines that may not be best for you, and the water conditioner will solve the potential problems city water presents. Additionally, water conditioners are some of the most affordable water treatment products on the market and are very easy to use. South Florida Water has been in St. Petersburg, FL and all of Central Florida for years to assist our customers in making the right decision for their families.

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Customer Testimonial:

“Just wanted to let you know we love it! The installation team was wonderful. Quick and very professional. The system is fantastic. We already notice a difference. Not only with my hair but I have not used hand lotion in two days :)”
Carol and Dennis G
St. Petersburg, FL


Water Conditioner-Purifier


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