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Have fantastic Water throughout your home!

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  • Eliminates Sulfur Smells and bad odors
  • Removes Iron and prevents stains
  • Removes Tannins
  • Removes heavy metals and sediment.
  • Kills Bacteria!
  • Extremely clear, high quality water you can trust!
  • Fully automatic – Low Maintenance and easy to use.
The solution to Iron & Sulfur problems- Chlorine is a powerful and effective oxidizer that can be
used to treat common well problems like iron and hydrogen sulfide – (rotten egg odor) and
tannins. Typical well treatment involves chlorinating the water then following with filtration. The
most commonly used filter medium is carbon, which not only removes the chlorine and makes the
water more healthful and aesthetically pleasing, but also filters out oxidized iron, sulfur, iron
bacteria, and particulate matter.

Dry pellet chlorinators offer several2017_Dry Pellet Chlorination System_10-23-2016-2
advantages over liquid chlorine systems:


    • They’re easy to install.
    • They are nearly trouble free.
    • They free you of the messy and unpleasant
      job of chlorine solution preparation.
    • You are assured consistent chlorine delivery.
    • Chlorine pellets are dry, clean and concentrated.

Add a Bacteria-stat/ well water softener2017_Dry Pellet Chlorination System_10-23-2016-12017_Dry Pellet Chlorination System_10-23-2016-3
and you can have added benefits.

  • Removes hardness and softens water.
  • No more – Dry, Itchy Skin!
  • Softer Skin and Silky Hair!
  • No more cleaning Soap Scum from Shower!
  • No more – Spotted or foggy dishes!
  • Extends the life of your water heater!

2017_Dry Pellet Chlorination System_10-23-2016-4The South Florida Water team sells, installs and services the best quality water softeners, water conditioners, salt free conditioners, well water treatment system, reverse osmosis and iron sulfur systems throughout Central and South Florida including Tampa FL, Orlando FL, Sarasota FL, Ft. Lauderdale FL and surrounding areas to include: Land O Lakes FL, Wesley Chapel FL, Zephyrhills FL, Odessa FL, Lutz FL, Tarpon Springs FL, New Port Richey FL, Spring Hill FL, San Antonio, FL, Inverness, FL, Leesburg, FL, Brooksville FL, The Villages, Ocala FL, Plant City FL, Dade City FL, Wimauma FL, Ruskin FL, Riverview FL, Valrico FL, Lithia FL, Parrish FL, Apollo Beach FL, Lakeland FL, Bradenton FL, Kissimmee FL, Clermont FL, Sun City Center FL, Windermere FL, Sanford FL, Longwood FL, St. Cloud FL and more. Our Plumbers are licensed & insured! Call today-888-506-6821

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