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Winter Park is a fantastic town with lots of access to different arts programs and a quaint university local to us. There are also customers of South Florida Water, and those who need our help, with their hard water problems. Lately, hard water has been making a huge appearance because water lines get old and there are some areas that have unfortunately high content of mineral deposits running through their water lines, and this creates complications in homes and for those who like to use water on a regular basis.

The best solution for most hard water problems is a water softener. As you are aware, when you have hard water in your water lines, it can create clogs and blockages that are expensive to remove. A water softener can help mitigate these occurrences while having the added benefit of producing water that you can enjoy using in your showers and baths, as well as letting you utilize your dishwasher without getting frustrated by the stains and streak marks it leaves on dishes it is supposed to clean.


Living in Winter Park can be a dream made reality, until your home starts to produce water that does not feel spectacular and is not really usable in daily life. When that happens there is usually one very common cause, and that cause is that hard water is in your water line and you need to have a way to handle that issue. If you need assistance with addressing this issue, then South Florida Water is happy to help. You can use water softeners to help mitigate the effects of hard water, if not eliminate it altogether.

There are many types of water softeners and there are different machines that can achieve this goal for you. The effects of using a water softener in your home are dramatic and some of them are immediate. The first time you use your shower after having a water softener installed for instance is going to allow you to step into the shower without feeling like there are pebbles raining down on your head.

Water Softener

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