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Living around Orlando there are a number of smaller towns that have less of a busy atmosphere and are much calmer to live in.  This is why, while Orlando is a commercial hub, there are so many towns that feed it its employment base.  Sanford is one such town, and in it there are many different areas of Sanford that do not use the same municipal sources of water and use extra water for their personal use.  There are for instance, many stables and farms around Sanford that have their own personal wells that are required to produce large quantities of water for the health and providing of both people and livestock.  Having an automated well system that can produce that water with ease is a major plus, but then so is having a well water system that includes filtration for the water you are using.

Humans are not the only ones to suffer because of inorganic elements in the water.  Animals who consume the same water that humans do can also suffer from the same consumption issues that people do. Ingesting excess quantities of minerals and detritus can be harmful to humans, and can be hazardous for animals as well.  They too are susceptible to the same germs and buildup that humans are.  If you are, or have been using a well that does not have a filter already installed on it, then we urge you to consider changing that.  For your health and the health of all that use this water, it would be best to have cleaner water to satiate your thirst with.

Well Water

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