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hard-water-bay-lake-fl-south-florida-waterSomething that as a business owner, you probably haven’t given much thought too, is what effect the hard water at your office is having on your employees and the costs associated with running water at your office. One of the nifty, or disturbing things about hard water and the corporate setting is that using it raises costs. Well, if you are asking “how??? right about now, then we are here to enlighten you to the plague that is hard water. Hard water is water with more than the average amount of minerals acceptable in a water source. These can be calcified minerals, or just other sorts of elemental deposits that reside in a given pool of water that you and your employees use to pour water to drink from, or to wash your hands after relieving yourself.

Why is this negative? Well, hard water tastes terrible. It really doesn’t matter if you live in Bay Lake, Orlando or even Clearwater. Hard water tastes badly anywhere you live. And that is because of the excess minerals and elements in it. Another reason hard water can raise your costs is that when your employees use it for sanitizing purposes they have to use more water to feel as though their hands are clean, and that adds up over time.

Commercial Grade Hard Water

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