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hard-water-edgewater-fl-south-florida-waterWhile is it common to have hard water problems in your home and residential areas, and to come up with solutions to them, many commercial properties do not necessarily consider that their businesses are using hard water sources in their offices. Edgewood is a large suburban town near Orlando that has a plethora of hard water sources that need correction. While you may not realize that hard water is harming your plumbing system and your employees, there are definitely certain details you should be aware of when it comes to addressing your hot water usage at your business.

Hard water is full of different minerals that make the water hard to the touch. Have you ever run water from your sink while washing your hands and felt that the water was rough or felt like there was a hard aspect to it? That is hard water. Hard water in an office or commercial environment can be extremely detrimental to the sanitary nature of specific businesses, like restaurants and other food-oriented businesses. Washing hands is supposed to clean them, and remove bacteria and excess minerals from them, and when you are using hard water, it minimizes the effectiveness of cleaning your hands.

Commercial Grade Hard Water

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