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hard-water-sarasota-fl-south-florida-waterHard water is the bane of existence. Ok, maybe that overstates it a bit, but there is some truth to that statement as certain companies around Sarasota in specific fields can attest. Gym owners, restaurateurs and any company in the hospitality industry knows exactly how important it is to get rid of any hard water problem as soon as it is noticed. Why? Let us count the ways. To start with, hard water does not feel great when run over the hands to wash, or in the shower to clean oneself. But this is just the tip of the mountain. Further, hard water inhibit the ability of anything to get really well cleaned.

If you are asking yourself how, let us share some more knowledge with you. Hard water stains the dishes that are washed in them, which can lower your hospitality and cleanliness rating, and also prevents dishes from becoming totally clean. Why? Well, this is entirely because of the excess mineral content in the water being used doesn’t allow the chemical reaction of the soap to properly manifest, and thus creates still dirty dishes. So, if your customers are experiencing a less that perfect dinner, then it is time to investigate if you have a hard water issue.

Commercial Hard Water

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