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hard-water-tampa-fl-south-florida-waterIf you are wondering what hard water is, we want you to know it is not your fault. There are a lot of companies now advertising solutions to hard water problems, and many of them are not clearly explaining what hard water is, let alone how it can negatively affect your company. To start with, and explanation. Hard water is really just running water that through the process of getting from point A to point B has accumulated excess minerals that do not belong in it. Now, a little more clearly, these minerals are often calcium, fluoride or magnesium and they present in hard water as calcified deposits that are rough to the touch.

Additionally, because these aspects are not totally removed in your municipal water treatment facility around Tampa, there is a good chance that hard water will filter through to your business. This is not your fault, but is rather a consequence of circumstance. This also does not mean you are helpless. As a business owner, if you think you have hard water, you can ask us to come verify that or not. If you do, we will be able to tell you quickly, whether or not you are using hard water, and will be able to, in days, tell you what the best solutions for your budget and circumstances are. We are just that efficient.

Commercial Hard Water

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