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water-softener-sarasota-fl-south-florida-waterWhat is water softener? Water softener is a salt or potassium based solution to hard water problems. This means that water softener is an addition that you can use in your business to help keep your employees and customers happy using organic compounds. The way this works, is that you purchase a water softening solution for your business and we come out and install it while giving you instructions on how to effectively use the machine. It starts with an attachment to your water line and heater, where we hook-up the machine and test it to ensure that the salt or potassium based solution is doing the job of cleaning the water you are running through your office.

Once this is established we give you the option of purchasing additional soaps and cleaning solutions that will complement the water softener and the effects that it can have for you. If you do, then you will see better personal results and your customers and employees will too. You will notice that your dishes are almost sparkling, and the water that you are using is clear and no longer looks so dingy. If this sounds like an ideal solution to the problems you are currently experiencing with your water, give us a call and see how we can help you.

Commercial Water Softener

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