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commercial-water-testing-edgewood-fl-south-florida-waterOne of the biggest services that every business and commercial area should take advantage of, is water testing. In Edgewood, and all around Orlando, water testing is a valuable service that can help you determine what sort of water is running through your business. This is useful, because there are also some water sources that have corrosive minerals in them that can cause damage to your pipes and create additional problems with your sinks and plumbing. What you may not consider is that when you have excess minerals in your water that make it full of calcium magnesium, and other minerals, it creates an atmosphere that may prove harmful to your business.

If your employees are drinking water that has these extra minerals in them, then it can cause additional health problems. Take fluoride for example: too much of it can destroy the natural enamel on your teeth, and without water testing to determine what treatments are necessary to clean the water as it comes from the source to your business. There are many regulatory agencies that can provide you with the information you need to make your office a healthier place.

Commercial Grade Water Testing

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