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water-testing-windermere-fl-south-florida-waterI am betting that you never thought to consider that water might be anything other than water. It is not something that immediately springs to mind as a thing that can have drastic effects for your well being or even as something that you need to worry about right? You only use water to wash your hands after using that lavatory, or occasionally to drink when you are trying to consume healthier liquids, correct? It’s just water… How many times have you said that? Well, now you are going to hear about things you have never considered, and we hope this inspires you to get your Windermere office’s water tested.

Water testing has been shown to describe everything that is contained in water. If you compare your office water to a bottle of water and see that they do not look alike, then let us help you understand why. The reason why your office sink water looks murky and you can see tiny bits in it is because there are calcified minerals in it that haven’t totally eroded. The reason why you feel stinging pressure from your sink water is because there is calcium deposits in it that are running in the water. There are other minerals that can be in there, like sulfur, and you would never know most of the time without water testing.

Commercial Water Testing

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