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South Florida Water has customers all over the state of Florida, and in Clearwater, FL especially, we have a large population of growing customers. This is in part because we are local to Clearwater, FL but also because our current customers have spread the good news about their new water softeners and about the vast difference they have made in the quality of the lives they are leading in. You never really think about it until you experience it, but there is a large difference in quality of water that has a water softener working for it, and one that does not. Clearwater, FL like many other communities in Florida has hard water and even if you are not experiencing the effects
of hard water, you may still not be using the best water in your Clearwater, FL home and if that is the case then you should definitely consider purchasing a water softener. You will realize that this is one of the most marvelous innovations when you can take showers and feel totally relaxed under the softer, soothing water that runs over your skin. You may also feel like it is regenerating dead skin cells and the first shower you take may even make you feel like a totally new person. When it comes to your laundry, washing floors, cleaning bathrooms, showering, dish washing and toilets, we have the best water softener solutions. There are different consequences that hard water can cause and there are situationally different reasons to have a water softener installed at your water sources. We are local to Clearwater, FL so South Florida Water will have our Clearwater, FL representative contact you and will come to your Clearwater, FL home and we will help you understand what is actually affecting your home water through our free, no obligation, water testing. We can then recommend the water softener that will be the absolutely best suited to addressing the water you are dealing with in Clearwater, FL.


Water Softener

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