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stock-4Lithia is an up and coming community on Florida’s Gulf coast and living here can be a dream made reality, until hard water starts to ruin your appliances and fixtures. You notice streak marks in the shower that you can’t clean off and your hair and body does not seem to get cleaned. When that happens there is usually one very common cause, hard water. If you need assistance with addressing this issue, then South Florida Water is happy to help. A water softener will mitigate the effects of hard water. The effects of using a water softener in your home are dramatic and some of them are immediate. The first shower you take with a water softener will show you why they are so popular. The soft, clean, refreshing water will feel good on your skin. Your dishes will be spot free and your appliances and fixtures free from the harmful effects of lime, magnesium and calcium. Call South Florida Water today and we can show you how a water softener can benefit you.

Water Softener

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