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water-testing-tampa-floridaWhy is water testing something that any family in Tampa, FL should have to worry about? Isn’t the city, or whomever is supplying your home’s water responsible for ensuring that the water that flows through their lines and into your Tampa, FL home is properly treated and viable for consumption and use? Well, the answer to that question is yes, but there are of course caveats to it.  Tampa, FL water is very hard and has a lot of chlorine added to make it safe. However, having hard ward can wreak havoc on your appliances, fixtures, shower doors and pipes.  Also water that is very chlorinated is bad for your hair, skin and drinking.  Who wants to drink and bath in Bleach!

South Florida Water will test your water in your Tampa, FL and show you the effects of these minerals and chlorine in your water.  We will also show you ways you can eliminate them so they do not damage your biggest investment and so that you can drink for any faucet in your home without drinking chlorine (bleach).  Our expert water technicians will recommend the most cost-effective product for your Tampa FL home giving you the best quality water at the lowest possible price.

South Florida Water is local to Tampa, FL because we know that folks in Tampa, FL like you are conscious of their water and want the best for their families. Call us today and have our Tampa, FL representative show you how you too can have great tasting, drinking water from your kitchen in your Tampa, FL home. If you have any questions about reverse osmosis system, or any of our products give us a call – we’ll be glad to help.

Water Testing

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