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Lake Buena Vista has many homes that use well water, partly because it is convenient to do so, especially for those families that live close to the lake, and there are many that do.  City water runs through the city treatment facilities, and while it is mostly clean when it leaves those plants, the problem lies with the transference of that water to your home.  A big impetus for residents of Lake Buena Vista to use wells for their water supply is that they can control, almost, how much extra mineral content is in their water.  This is possible because while water leaves the city source clean, it travels through countless miles of pipes of an indeterminate age and quality picking up debris and other material that is undetermined.  This can pose many hazards if one is not careful.  However, the flip side, and the reason why well water is so popular for people living close to their own water source is that while the water still runs through pipes, they can maintain their own wells and filter the water to the degree they feel necessary at their own cost.

This allows well water sources to help their owners have lower water bills from the city and may even not have one.  Additionally, with a well you are totally responsible for consumption and maintenance which means you are not dependent on the city to repair broken pipes or water mains that are associated with your well.

Well Water

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